Ant Control Aberdeen

What problems do ants cause?

The most common type of ant is the Black Ant or Garden Ant (Lasius Niger) which, as the name suggests, is happy to be in your garden but may venture indoors tempted by anything sweet which may be lurking on your floor behind units or under furniture.  They are most prevalent in spring and summer months and will feed on outdoor vegetation.  But in early spring or dry summers they may venture inside in search of sweet foods or liquids when the plants are less sweet.  This can result in a black line of ants coming into your property in search of food.  Although they don’t carry any diseases or bite their presence, especially in hospitals or businesses serving food, can be unwanted and unsightly.

How do I prevent ants?

Unfortunately due to their size it is very difficult to stop ants coming into your property if they want to come in but good housekeeping will go a long way to help.  Mop up any spills right away and sweep up or vacuum any dropped food.  Bin any empty drinks cans too as they can be very tempting for the ants.

Stop ant problems with Graham Pest Control

Once the type of ant has been established our technicians will either spray or dust the affected area or use a gel bait to control the ant invasion.  The insecticides used have a residual effect so you will be asked not to vacuum for a few days as the active ingredient will continue to work on any stray ants making their way back to the nest.

We have a team of Pest Technicians based all over Scotland including Aberdeen and can be contacted 7 days a week on the numbers above between 8am and 10pm for an emergency response or advice.

If your home or business in Aberdeen or the surrounding area has an invasion of ants call the Pest Professionals, call Graham Pest Control on

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