Bed Bug Treatment Dundee

Graham Pest Control provides professional bed bug removal and treatment services for domestic and commercial customers in the Dundee and Tayside area.

Bed bugs are commonly found in hotels and boarding houses having travelled from far off places in clothing and luggage before finding a new home in Dundee.  It is also common to bring them into your home after a foreign trip.  Having bed bugs is not necessarily a sign of being dirty or unclean as they feed on human blood and can lay dormant in cracks and crevices in your hotel room or home for months until a blood feed is available.

Signs you might have a bed bug infestation

Bed bugs will take a blood feed from humans as they sleep. Some people don’t notice the insect’s attentions but most people suffer redness and itching caused by the bite to remove the blood.  These bites will normally occur on the exposed body parts such as the arms and shoulders and blood spotting will usually be evident on the sheets.


How to treat a bed bug infestation

Treatments to control an infestation are dependent on how large an infestation is.  This can only be determined by our Technician carrying out a thorough inspection of the property first.

Cross contamination should be avoided at all costs and bedding or beds should not be moved from one room to another.  Likewise vacuum cleaners should be emptied into bin bags in the room affected and not emptied in other parts of the premises.

Due to the nature of bed bug infestations, unfortunately the property might need up to three treatments to contain the problem, which is why it is essential that you use the services of a professional pest control technician.

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