Mice Control Dundee

Graham Pest Control provides professional rodent control for domestic, commercial and agricultural customers in the Dundee and Tayside area. We can help you with rodent infestations, and help treat mice problems in a variety of ways.

The common house mouse (Mus Domesticus or Mus Musculus) can potentially close down a football stadium or a number of other businesses. All rodents need to gnaw continuously to keep their constantly growing incisor teeth chisel sharp and they will gnaw on anything including electrical wires and pipes.  You have no doubt seen the headlines – ‘Game abandoned after floodlight failure’, ‘Game postponed due to undersoil heating failure’.  Both these headlines could have been as a result of rodent damage.  Luckily both clubs in Dundee trust Graham Pest Control with their pest prevention needs which will, hopefully, prevent any such headline.

If you want a quick and effective solution, you should always seek professional pest control help.

Common problems caused by mice

  • Electricity cables chewed and damaged.
  • Stored food affected by mouse droppings.
  • Water or gas pipes chewed and damaged.

How Graham Pest Control can help with mice problems

Mice Prevention

Sign up for a year round pest prevention contract which gives you peace of mind that your property is protected at all times. This also includes a free call-out service for any pests covered by the contract.  Don’t leave things to chance - call us on any of the numbers above to arrange a survey or speak to us about pest prevention services.

Different pest control treatments available

Graham Pest Control Technicians will use the most effective and cost efficient treatment for your situation.  Our Technicians will take into account your circumstances, such as children, pets or business needs and treat the problem accordingly.  He will also leave a list of any recommendations to help prevent further infestations.

Graham Pest Control has over 20 years’ experience dealing with pest problems for both domestic and commercial customers in Dundee and around Scotland.

Some of our other pest control services:

If you have a mouse problem and you live in the Dundee area call us on 01250 875555 or Freephone

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