Mouse Control Aberdeen

Aberdeen, the Granite City, is so named because so many of its iconic buildings and houses are built from granite stone.  Despite the hard qualities of granite that doesn’t mean that your home or business is going to be free of mice.  Many of these old buildings will have ideal harbourage for families of house mice (Mus Domesticus) which can go un-noticed for long enough but if left too long can have dire consequences.

Pipes, electric wires, building fabric and stored goods can all be damaged by mice chewing to keep their teeth sharp.  Mice are nocturnal so early signs of a mouse infestation can be scurrying sounds from your attic at night or droppings at the back of cupboards or storage areas.

Graham Pest Control have highly trained and qualified technicians who will deal with your mouse problems quickly and effectively.

Mouse problems in Aberdeen? How Graham Pest Control can help:

Eradication Treatment

Call us now for a Technician to call and begin treatment at your premises.  Our Technicians will advise you of the best way to treat your problem and will guide you through what he plans to do and when he will return.

Mice Prevention Services

A pest prevention contract which gives you peace of mind that your property is protected at all times. This also includes a free call-out service for any pests covered by the contract.  Don’t leave things to chance - call us on any of the numbers below to arrange a survey or speak to us about our pest prevention services.

What different treatments are available?

Graham Pest Control Technicians will use the most effective and cost efficient treatment for your situation.  Our Technicians will take into account your circumstances, such as children, pets or business needs and treat the problem accordingly.  He will also leave a list of any recommendations to help prevent further infestations.

Why choose Graham Pest Control?

Graham Pest Control has over 20 years’ experience dealing with pest problems for both domestic and commercial customers in Aberdeen and around Scotland.

Some of our other pest control services:

If you have a mouse problem and you live in or around Aberdeen call us on

or Freephone 0800 14 65 44. We can provide emergency response or advice between 8am and 10pm, every day of the week.