British Pest Control Association and BBC Panorama Face The Perfect Storm

The British Pest Control Association (BPCA) has worked with BBC’s Panorama production team to produce a show focused on the pest control industry and the detrimental effects local government cutbacks are having on public health pest control.

The Panorama show titled ‘Rats, Trap, Bugs and Cutbacks’ will go out on Monday 6 August, 8.30pm on BBC2. The show focuses on the budget cuts to councils, and how some are choosing to disband their pest control teams, while others now charge for services which had previously been free. Panorama also go out with professional pest controllers to see the problems they face, set up a pest control company to demonstrate how easy it is to enter the market, and focus on the need for regulation of the sector.

The idea of the show came partly from the release of the first British Pest Control Association National Survey of Pest Species. BPCA Chief Executive, Simon Forrester said “there is always a keen interest from the media to cover pest control, and with the Olympics starting and local authority cutbacks starting to take effect, the survey couldn’t have been released at a better time.” He added “It’s been a great experience working with the BBC on this production, and we think it will demonstrate to the public the need to only use professional pest control services such as those provided by BPCA members.”