Our Expertise

When you have a pest problem, you obviously want someone who knows what they’re doing to solve it for you – quickly and effectively.

That means being aware of matters such as all the safety issues that affect the use of pesticides, where and when to use toxic baiting, and how to safely and humanely eradicate the problems of rat and mice and other pest and vermin infestation. GRAHAM Pest Control invests substantially in training our technicians to be fully aware and up to date with these very important aspects of the work we do, as the world of Pest Control can be as fast changing and demanding as many others.

By insisting on this training regime, we are confident in believing that GRAHAM Pest Control technicians are amongst the most skilled and learned in the industry today, helping fight disease, pestilence, infestation and other threatening and socially damaging issues.

To further enhance our ability to respond quickly to your call, we have invested in the very latest GPRS vehicle tracking system.
This allows us to plan each technician’s daily call route efficiently (which also helps us make valuable fuel savings) and helps us identify which of our operatives is closest to you in the event of an emergency call out.

Training and Development
We hold regular training sessions for all our technicians to keep them up to speed with all of the legislative issues, the technical and procedural issues, the advancements in Pest Control technology and equipment and the development of new, more environmentally friendly pesticides.