Jimmy Graham

Company Director


Start date: 2/1/1993

Best thing about job: Meeting so many interesting and amusing people.

Worst thing about job: None. Every day is different with new challenges. Probably the best job in the world

Funny story/Interesting fact: It wasn't funny at the time, but one of my first tasks as service manager of a national pest control company was to call at a rather disgruntled farmer's wife who had suffered accidental poisonings of several non-target species to a new type of rat poison that had been put down by an inexperienced technician. "You've killed my dog, my cat, 4 hens and a cockerel." Technician boldly says, "I've just got the farmer to get and I've got the lot." The technician didn't last long after that!

Hobbies: Hill walking, caravaning, watching football