Louise Crawford

Human Resources Manager

Area: Head Office

Start date: 19/11/2008

Best thing about job: Our brand new offices - space at last - and of course the team within it!

Worst thing about job: When computers go wrong. As we've had our fair share of IT problems, I'm fast becoming an expert!

Funny story/Interesting fact: In 2004/5, I took a year out and went travelling around Asia and Australia. Came across many cockroaches, bed bugs and other nasty critters but never thought my future employer would specialise in them!

Since turning 40 in 2012, I've decided to set myself new challenges including bungee jumping, learning to snowboard, completing Tough Mudder and hope to start bagging some munros over the next year.

Hobbies: I go to Bootcamp and Kettlebells, love reading and travelling and going to see live comedy