Pest Of The Week – Bird Mites

• 0.6 – 0.7mm long.
• Soft yellow/green body and eight legs.
• When fully fed the body appears bright red.

• Egg to adult in 7 days (under favourable conditions).
• Adult lives approximately 90 days.

• Feed on birds blood.
• Favours warm, moist conditions.
• Common in birds nests and poultry houses.
• Capable of reducing bird egg–laying efficiency. In severe cases it may kill young, sick or old birds.
• In homes, bird mites may bite people in search of food.

Barely visible to the naked eye, bird mites have 8 legs and a round body and are seldom noticed until they have built up sufficient numbers to be a major infestation. They are not insects but arachnids related to spiders.

Bird mites tend to wander away from a vacated birds nest in late spring and early summer. They will then look for an appropriate host and frequently it is a person in the nearest house or apartment. To avoid being the recipient of these unwanted guests, remove bird feeders and birdhouses from the yard and trim tree limbs near the house. Be wary of birds nesting in nearby trees.

To avoid being the host to unwanted bird mite guests, trim overhanging tree limbs and branches in the spring. Also, trim shrubs and over-growth near windows. Use screening to cover chimneys, broken eaves, and other places where birds can build nests on the home.

If you suspect you have a bird mite infestation in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dundee or Perth, call GRAHAM pest control today and we could help.