Pest Of The Week – Cable Bug

Why is Cable Bug a pest?
Cable bug is only a recently recognized phenomenon which occurs in built up environments such as large offices, computer rooms, telephone exchanges etc.
Individuals who are affected report similar symptoms to those affected by biting insects.
Raised red bumps and itching are felt (usually on the lower leg) but no puncture wounds will be found.

What causes Cable Bug?
Cable bug is thought to be caused by the presence of static. Offices are usually filled with electrical equipment, synthetic carpeting, furnishings, metal cabinets and chairs. When people move around in these areas static can build up on their bodies through contact from these objects. Charges of static electricity can produce the sensations of an insect bite as they arc from the person to a metal object and vice versa. “Bites” feel very real to the victim as they are so similar to the real thing. Insect monitors can be placed into offices for a period of time to ensure that actual no insects are present.

How can I prevent Static?
Static build up can help be prevent by using natural fibers in furnishings (although this is not always possible or practical). Fitting earth straps to electrical equipment and fixtures or placing them on anti-static mats, and keeping dust and paperwork to a minimum can help prevent build ups.

Can I do anything to treat the problem?
There is no specific treatment for Cable Bug other than to try and disperse the static this can be done by spraying simple soapy water on affected carpets, soft furnishing and chairs.

• Use a fine mist sprayer
• Use a small amount of soap or washing up liquid with water
• If you decide to use an anti-static product always read the instructions supplied
• Apply evenly and only a small amount, surfaces should not be left damp

Do not:
• Spray near electrical cables
• Spray plug sockets
• Spray electrical equipment

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