Rat Control Dundee

Graham Pest Control provides professional rodent control for domestic, commercial and agricultural customers in the Dundee and Tayside area. We can help you with rodent infestations, and help treat rat problems in a variety of ways.

Dundee, the home of the 3 J’s, Jute, Jam and Journalism, has, traditionally, had a large populous of rats.  With ideal breeding sites such as old warehouses, Mill buildings and a busy harbour it’s not hard to see why rats still cause a variety of problems to both private and business premises in Dundee.  Rattus Norvegicus or the Norway Rat, Brown rat or sewer rat as they are known, breed more prolifically than rabbits and a sizeable infestation can quickly develop from a single pair.

Signs you may have a rat infestation

If you are concerned you may have rats, you do need to act quickly as they can be a health issue. Signs of a possible rat infestation include:

  • Presence of rat droppings
  • Scratching and scurrying noises from underneath floorboards
  • Footprints and tail marks in dusty areas
  • Rubbing marks and smudges along skirting boards or walls
  • Some rat species will dig burrows in your garden

All rodents need to gnaw continuously to keep their constantly growing incisor teeth chisel sharp and they will gnaw on anything from soft wood to metal and cause serious damage to pipes, electric cables and fittings.  Floods and electrical fires can then cause immeasurable damage to your home or business as well as potential loss of earnings.

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