Our customer service advisors have answered a few frequently asked questions that may help...

What areas do you cover?

We have technicians based all over Scotland and cover the entire mainland of Scotland. Your local technician is never far away hence our rapid response times.

Can you guarantee my pest issue will be resolved?

We can guarantee that we will do our best to resolve pest issues even if it is to advise customers of any proofing works that are required or damp issues that need addressed because if these are left unresolved the pest issue may continue. Our technicians are the experts and can advise customers on all their pest related queries when attending the site. This service is what got us Pest Business of the Year.

What are your response times?

After you have booked the job, our technician will call you directly to arrange a suitable time.

What is used to carry out the treatment?

Our technician would determine the best approach when on site depending on a range of factors including pest type, area of problem, risk factor associated with certain products.

Are you a local company?

We are a family run company based out of Blairgowrie; all our technicians are local to the area they cover which means you may see a familiar face carrying out your treatment.

Will the pest return?

Wasps do not reuse their nests; the queens will hibernate over winter and start their own colonies the following year.

Rodents may return, especially during the colder months as they come inside for warmth and food. We would recommend good housekeeping and proofing of any areas where they may gain access to discourage activity.

Do you treat for woodworm or bats?

Unfortunately we do not treat for woodworm or bats.

We would recommend getting in touch with a wood timber specialist for woodworm issues.

We would also recommend getting in touch with NatureScot for any bat related questions or queries.

Still have questions?

Please use our contact form to get in touch or give us a call where we will be happy to assist