Published on
June 11, 2024

George Grant Retires after 13.5 years

Last week marked the closing chapter in George Grant’s Graham Pest Control's book as he took a step towards retirement.

Since joining back on the 5th of January 2011, George started out as the only technician looking after the entire highlands and islands area.

Since then, George has played a key role in steadily growing the business in this area, requiring a team now of six which he led as the Area Team Leader. George is one of the most passionate members of our GPC family, ensuring that the team have the support around them to deliver the very best service for our customers.

George’s impact reaches across all areas of the business and understandably he will be missed by all.

We had the pleasure of presenting George with some gifts as a token of our appreciation. We also took George out for a retirement dinner with all the team.

We would like to thank George for everything that he has done over the 13 ½ years that he has been part of the family, and we wish George all the very best in his retirement.

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